Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Still no Superman, though.

In the car today Sam asked when we were going to get rid of all the pay phones.

So I'm looking around and I see exactly zero pay phones. "I think the pay phones are already gone, Sam."

"The what are gone?" Owen asks.

"Pay phones, Owen."

"What are those?"

I am so old. So very old.

"Before cell phones there used to be phones on street corners and stores that you could put 25 cents in and make a call."

"Oh, I've seen those.  I saw two . . . no three in Disney world. But prices must have gone up because it cost two quarters."

Okay, so number one, Jesus, inflation. Number two, how about next time we spend a million dollars to take you some place special you pay a little more attention to the goddamn magic.