Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rainbows are pretty for everyone

We're attempting to fulfill Lilly's request for a rainbow theme in hall bathroom. Well.  Technically she asked for a rainbow theme in her bedroom but instead we decided to go with an understated "you're lucky you have a bed, let alone a theme, here, I found a pack of rainbow stickers," theme.

So, even though I couldn't find bedroom stuff in rainbow, I wanted to tackle it in the bathroom.

Here's the thing I figured out:  You can have an owl bathroom, or a seashell bathroom or a leaf bathroom, or an animal print bathroom, but there is no such thing as a rainbow bathroom.

Not even on Amazon.


Because I'm smart and intuitive and pay attention to key words, I figured out that you CAN have a gay pride bathroom. Which is just like a rainbow bathroom, except you have to search using "gay pride," instead of "rainbow."  Then it's a whole new world of options.

In this age of the Internet, I'm always a little surprised when something I want doesn't exist on line. There's how many billion people and I'm the only one who wants a framed picture of a rainbow?  I'm being offer the chance to buy a seven foot tall statue of a rooster, but there's no such thing as a rainbow trash can?  There are more people who want a hat shaped like a fish than want a rainbow hand towel?

Anyhow, with the help of our proud gay brethren, and a picture my mom painted of a rainbow that I stole out of my nephew's bedroom, Lilly is very pleased with her new bathroom.