Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clark Kent

So Clark is going out to dinner with Lois Lane. They are waiting for a table when suddenly he sees an old lady getting mugged outside! He hurries and changes into Superman, saves the lady, but then, OH NO! A car is careening out of control - the driver is in a diabetic coma - and it's going to hit a baby carriage! Superman swoops in and saves the baby and gives the driver some orange juice or something. And he's about to head back to dinner, because he knows Lois is probably getting peeved at this point, but, crap, somebody just robbed the bank and has taken a bunch of hostages.

By the time he gets back to Lois, she's gotten mad and gone home. And nobody says, hey, great job, Clark.

That was my afternoon, if you replace Clark with me and Lois with Chris and dinner with our whiny kids and crime-fighting with stain-fighting.

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