Sunday, April 10, 2011

And other things they didn't cover in the manual

Recently, Owen has been doing this thing where he gets upset because we're not giving him something he wants, or not doing something he wants us too, or not peeling his grapes and carrying him around on a feather pillow. So he's upset and he'll start to cry and then he'll start to be all,
"Mah Eye! Mah Eye! Mah Eye huwrts!"

And I'm taken aback. Because where did that come from? And do I believe it? I feel like the minute I was breathing a sigh of relief that my kids were old enough to tell me in words that they are in pain, they also became manipulative enough to FALSELY claim they are in pain when I dared to thwart their will in some way.

But if I believe that his eye hurts when he cries, what do you suppose that's about?

You don't think it has anything to do with the fact that he likes to stroke his eyeball with his dirty stanky homma blanket that he also likes to put up his nose and in his ear, do you?

1 comment:

  1. Stanky blanket..gross

    But on the manipulative thing, I totally think he could be capable. I say that only because of what my daughter tries to pull on us.

    Your description of what upsets Owie, is all-too-familiar.
    We have been chastised for not laughing at a joke she has told, to being told not to sing to a song she is singing, to being screamed at for daring to pick up something she has dropped on the floor.
    Well, while it makes me feel a little better that my child is not the only one berating her parents this way, I am a little discouraged that she might display this behavior much longer as she's not yet 3!!)