Friday, August 5, 2011

A quick count

I've calculated the amount of some of the things I do on a weekly basis.

Socks to be washed if it's been a GOOD week: 70

Nails I'm responsible for clipping IN ADDITION to my own: 60

Lunches to pack: 15

Lunch bowls to wash: 30 -45

Outfits I need to put together: 28

That's SO many socks and nails! And just THINK for a minute about how long it takes to choose 28 complete outfits.

Fortunately, everybody is grateful for all the work I do.

The kids especially. They are always all, "Hey, mom, thanks for buying and washing and choosing my clothes each day! I definitely won't whine about being forced to dress myself!"

"Man, mom, I'm so appreciative of all the hard work it must be to buy food and prepare food and pack it into appetizing lunches, there's no WAY I would complain about the injustice of being asked to CARRY MY OWN lunchbox!"

That's the kind of thing MY kids say.

Certainly not things like, "This is my mom! She has a squishy belly!"

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