Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just, no.

I'm not going to tell the story about the tree falling on the van because, 1) it's not over, and 2) it's not even a good story anymore.  It's just a long and convoluted tale of bad things happening and us not understand what the sam hill is going on.

Nobody cares about it anymore, and I know that because I don't even care about it anymore.

We did lose power today for a few hours and I finally got to join in with the rest of country.

I'd been feeling a little left out.

It's weird when the power is house.  I was very conscious of the fact that the power was out and I kept telling myself, "Nothing is going to work."  But that's not true, because some things DO still work.  The problem is remembering which is which.

Things that work when the power is out:
1) toothbrush
2) Kindle
3) deodorant
4) cell phone
5) hot water

Things that do NOT work when the power is out:
1) The lights
2) hairdryer
3) The light switch
4) the lights
5) even when you use the light switch

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