Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smart phones make stupid people

Smart phones are great, and awesome, and let me be on Facebook all the time, even though I only really have 6 Facebook friends, and one of them is George Takei.

But I drove the whole first day to Florida.  The Whole. First. Day.  That's 12 hours of driving.  I'm not sure that's even been attempted in human history, let alone achieved.  I think they had a parade for me somewhere outside of Charlotte - nothing big, just a marching band and some confetti - but Chris wouldn't know that because he was on his iPhone for the last 4 hours of the day.

Sure, he was ostensibly "finding the hotel" and "checking traffic" and "figuring out dinner," but in the old days (2011), we just kind of figured it out and chatted. Or bickered.  Whatever.  This year, I had to imagine all the snarky things I WASN'T going to say to Chris about being on his smart phone.  I think one may have burst out anyway.  I can't remember.

And plus, I couldn't check Facebook for HOURS.

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