Sunday, September 13, 2015

Same Old

"What's this?" Chris asks me, holding a package.

"Just some shipping envelopes I ordered. It's a package of packages!"

He looks at it, appraisingly. He considers my response. "No," he declares, "I think it's some airconditioner foam."

"Well, that's a good guess, but that's not what it is."

"It's not the right shape for envelopes!" he insists.

"Envelopes, my love, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Also, why did you even ask me?"

"I thought you would know!"

"I suppose you could always open it."

Guys, it's almost sad. Because with a glint of defiance in his eyes he tears it open.

"Oh, my, look at that. Shipping envelopes. I did NOT see that coming. Wow."

It's like he doesn't even KNOW us.

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