Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I picked the boys up from tumbling today and I wasn't even late!  True story. 

The tumbling teacher greets me with a "Hey! We missed you on Saturday!"

Um . . . we missed you too?  It's so long between Wednesday classes? 

"The halftime show wasn't the same without the boys!"  

Oh.  There was a performance. 

"I understand!" He says, "people get busy."

But we weren't busy. And I also didn't forget. I never even knew about this in the first place.  That's how out of touch we are.

We gather our stuff in shame, the boys clutching the cowboy hats they were supposed to wear during their routine. 

He calls after us, "I think we are going to have one more show this spring, Owen!  So don't lose your hat!"

"I won't!" Owen replies cheerfully as we head out the door.

Then, as the door closes, I hear him say, under his breath, "hashtag, I definitely will."

#hesnotwrong #knowyourself #helearneditfromwatchingus #butsopolite #thehatisalreadygone

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