Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Say something funny

My eldest child has, at 3 years old, recently discovered the joys of making people laugh. He's been practicing his routine, which so far consists of hitting himself in the head with some object, falling down on purpose, or singing, "A, B, C, D, E, F, BOOTY!"

And I'll admit it; he actually does get a laugh a surprising percentage of the time. Though he's usually performing for his 1 year old brother or his father, who has never not laughed at the word "booty." If he does happen to come up against a particularly tough customer, who fails to respond with the appropriate giggles, he does not hesitate to command, in an emphatic, if slightly hurt tone, "Laugh!"

In college my philosophy with assignments that were overwhelming was, "If you can't do it well, just do it." Seriously, I always kind of figured that turning in something in English had to be worth at least 50%. Unless it was Spanish class. Which I got a D in. Anyway, my sister's boyfriend helped set me up with this blog site, like, two months ago, and it's just been sitting here, empty, and I have been paralyzed in the face of all that expectation. So I thought I'd take the same approach and just do it. I'm going to start by sharing a few stories of my life.


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