Thursday, December 10, 2009

Man. This haircut.

I got a haircut last week.

Since my old hair place closed down and my mom left town, I was going crazy with all my saggy hair.

So I tried a new salon. And, boy, it was a lovely experience. People were friendly, and you got a free head and hand massage and she really took some time on my hair and then did my make up for free. It was great.

And my hair looked good.

For a night.

And then I washed it and . . .

It just keeps getting worse. Worse and worse, every day. Some days it looks like a boy haircut. Some days it is evocative of a mullet. All days it is strange and flat and strangely flat and also weirdly long in the back but short in the front and are these layers? Because they are not working.

I'm eager to see how bad it will be in another week. Good thing it is hat season.

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