Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We moved the boys into the same room about a week ago. We went back and forth a lot on this issue. We thought it might be nice bonding for the boys, but on the other hand, we didn't want their sleep to be disrupted. We thought it might be fun for the boys to be together, but on the other hand, we didn't want OUR sleep to be disrupted. We wondered if it might be comforting for the boys to share a room, but on the other hand, SLEEP. WE LOVE SLEEP.

This urge for as few sleep complications as possible is a powerful one. The sleep side would DEFINITELY have won that argument if not for a little thing called reality. And a new baby on the way.

I spent many evenings, staring at the wall, as my brain spun around in circles trying to figure out how to turn our three bedroom house into one where each of my three children got their own bedroom. You'd think my brain would make one circuit around that track and be all, "yeah, hey, so I looked around and that's not going to work out," and move on to something else, but no. No, my brain made many circles around the track. How many bedrooms? How many kids? And us? So, wait, count those bedrooms again. Still three? And kids? Still three? Are we still here? The closet? The hallway? The bathroom?

I spent time researching this on the internet and apparently there is a controversy about it. (I know, right? A controversy about how to raise kids? Crazy.) Bonding vs. Space. Teaching Kids to Share vs. Allowing Children Privacy. Some people were more extreme, like the lady who had her 14 year old boy sharing a BED with her 13 year old girl. But apparently they didn't mind. For me, it seems weird that this would become one of those parenting "issues." Because seriously, I could not care less where your kids sleep. Also, in cases such as ours, is it really a choice? In our house, this decision is based on the above mentioned mathematical problem.

Eventually even my brain got tired of this and we decided to just give it a shot. So far, it's actually gone pretty well. They have been sleeping a little less than normal, but I have hopes that they will eventually settle down. Owen slept in the toddler bed and Sam slept in his usual mattress on the floor (we are classy 'round here). But then they decided that they want to sleep in the same bed together. As if they LIKED each other. Which seems odd considering how they spend almost every waking minute of their day together trying to take away the toy the other one was playing with.

Still, for right now, I'm trying to go with the flow and hope for the best.

HA. I just said that as if it were a new philosophy I am trying out. But really it's just LAZINESS. And being TIRED. And, also, it's not new.

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