Monday, June 28, 2010


As slowly as time passed during my pregnancy, I began to wonder if perhaps the time/space continuum had altered with the creation of a female baby in my womb. Some kind of wormhole in the fabric of time opened by the stunning lack of a penis on my fetus.

But, no fear. Time these days is WHIZZING past. That lovely summer breeze I'm feeling? Actually my daughters baby-hood speeding by.

Holy moly my maternity leave has gone quickly. Every week is like a single day of being pregnant.

I'm just really not sure if that's fair.

In other news, somebody just texted me and asked me for the name of my daycare. It was not a number I have stored, but she signed it "Katie."

I know lots of Kate's. Our current babysitter is named Kate. Our old babysitter is named Kate. We have a cousin Katie. Two people at my work are named Katie. Christ works with a Kate. Our doula was named Katie.

But why would any of them want the name of my daycare?
Well, I couldn't think of any way that it would be a scam so I just answered it.

It's moments like that, however, where I wonder if my brain is processing correctly. It'll probably turn out that I have a sister named Katie whom I asked to pick up the kids today.

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