Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sam-isms and also I'm tired

I love the way Sam talks.

Recently we put in his "air-confreshioner."

He thinks it is awesome that the lobsters at Giant Eagle have "ram-bands" on so they won't pinch. Instead of the Backyardigans, we watch the "Back-ra-gans" on the DVDV player.

When he was sick yesterday, the way he described it was, "my eyes are wet!" And when he felt better, he told me, "My eyes aren't wet no more!" Well. At least he didn't say ain't.

Speaking of Sam being sick . . . he's been home the past few days and I tell you, I do not understand how stay-at-home moms do it. Literally. I'm so tired that I'm not entirely functional anymore. Lilly choosing last night to end her streak of good sleeping was a helpful added bonus.

By the way, ladies, it occurs to me that we have been bamboozled. How come we have to take care of the baby in the night? Because the other person has to go to work? Well I have to stay home with irritating children. Being a working mother most of time, I happen to know that it is A LOT easier to go to work than have a baby scream in your face all day. If anyone needs their sleep, it's the person that has to listen to a three-year-old repeat the same question an INFINITE number of times. We've been scammed.

I'm currently at the level of tired where random stuff is not just, you know, "stuff," but INFURIATING stuff. I just noticed that the toy bar is off the bouncer AGAIN and WHO IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY KEEPS TAKING THAT BAR OFF BECAUSE I WILL KILL THEM AND EAT THEIR INNARDS.

Right now, Sam, who has been BEGGING ALL DAY to see Lilly, to hold Lilly, to say "Hi" to Lilly, is bouncing her in her bouncer. He is asking, in approximately 4 second intervals, "are you done with you message yet?" He is TIRED of bouncing her, he says. Probably because he is bouncing her with a vigor that is somewhat unnerving. To me. She seems fine with it. I'm still concerned he will launch her across the room one of these times.

Ooooh, he just threatened to write a card if I didn't get done with this message. So I better go.

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