Sunday, November 10, 2013

Never say never again

I took Lilly to Target the other day.  We walked past the Halloween clearance section.

You know, the stuff we all collectively had the sense not to buy when it was relevant, that we now want because it is 50% off and irrelevant.

Lilly found something called a "Princess Pumpkin Topper."  Near as I can tell, this thing is the top half a doll, but has no legs and then you put her skirt over a pumpkin.


Yeah.  I don't know either.

"MOM!  I want this dolly!"

"Lilly, that's a fake doll.  You don't want it."

"Mom!  I want it!"

"Seriously - it has no legs.  It's just the top of a doll.  It's a fake doll."

"Mom!  I like fake dolls!"

"What would you even do with a fake doll?"

"I would like it!"


"No, Lilly, you cannot have the fake doll."

She's crushed.

"You NEVER let me have a fake doll!"

She's been going to the "Never" a lot recently.  "You NEVER let me have a snack!" "You NEVER let me wear a dress!"  "You NEVER let me watch TV!"  All things I have clearly let her do within the past ten minutes.  It's annoying.

Though, to be honest, in this case it is probably accurate that I have never let her have a fake doll.

"Lilly.  We have talked about this.  I'm tired of you saying 'Never.'  Please think of a different way to say what you are feeling."

 "You NEVER let me say Never!"

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