Saturday, October 26, 2013

This is only a test

My boss came to my office the other day.  He asked me to come by his office later that afternoon to help him with a project.

I was kind of nervous, because I have no talents and can't do anything, so "projects" aren't really my thing.

So I went and sat down.  He folds his hands on the desk and says, "Beth, I don't want you to think of this as a test."

Oh shit.  It's a test.

"Really, all I want is your opinion, Beth.  I'm working on creating a questionnaire, and I'm trying to assess if MY understanding of what these questions are asking is the same as YOUR understanding of what these questions are asking."

So, you want me, your underlings, to tell you, my boss, if I think you are right or wrong?  Well, I don't see the danger in that!

"I've had about five other people do this, and they've all said it was a lot of fun!"

They were lying.  Because you are our boss.

So I sorted all the cards into piles.  When I was done, we went through my responses.  He said, "That's great, Beth!  You did WAY better than anyone else I've had do this!  You only got one wrong!"

I feel strongly that that was a test.

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