Monday, January 20, 2014

Owen tells it like it is

We've been interviewing new babysitters recently because that's all we ever do.

Last night, we had what I thought was a promising candidate.  She was friendly, bright, had good questions, her schedule fit well, and seemed genuinely interested in interacting with the children.

After she left, we sat down to dinner and I asked the kids what they thought.

"I liked her!" Owen said.

"I did not like her so much," Lilly answered.

"Why not?"

Lilly didn't say anything for a few moments, so Owen piped up.

"I fink I know why, Mom."

"Why's that, Owen?"

"Because she had a wittle fat head."

Obviously, she's out of the running.  My polite, friendly, accepting children should never be exposed to people with little fat heads.


  1. I am having trouble figuring out what a little fat head might look like? I mean, in your opinion, was that in any way an accurate assessment of her head/face shape? I don't really trust children.

  2. She was a perfectly lovely girl. With perhaps a minor double chin.