Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who's reading them Vogue?

Did you guys read that comment on my list of things I neeeeed to buy?  Which one of you is Mel?  I don't know any Mel's.  Do I?  If we are best friends and I have forgotten, I do apologize.  Anyhow, Mel, I don't need you mocking me with your fancy salon pro blow-dry that prevents static.  I'm not even sure what I'm going to do when I run out of hair bands.  And those cost like $2.50.  

Also, aren't we horrified by my children's apparent objectification of babysitters?  Way back when, I was happy that Lilly thought she had tiny friends, because it meant she didn't know she was a hulk.  As it turns out, she is more aware of the female ideal of beauty than I suspected.  

I'm disappointed because I don't even know where I went wrong.  Where are they getting this from?  They don't even watch live action TV!  While Lilly is very aware of princesses, I'm not sure that she doesn't think that isn't just another word for Lilly.  She's watched Tangled, but no other "princess" movies or shows that I am aware of.  What happened?!  And how?!

Although, the fact that the first thing she said to the last sitter was, "I like your body," should probably have clued me in a little earlier.  

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