Sunday, August 23, 2015


So one thing that's fun is making Sam do stuff for football cards.

For the low low price of $8 worth of football cards, I got Sam to empty the dishwasher, move a dresser, clear and wipe the dining room table, carry the laundry upstairs, put the laundry away, clean the toilet, tidy the hallway, pick up the random debris in the yard and sweep the walkways.

This is so much better than:

A) doing it myself
B) forcing him to do it
C) living in filth

I don't expect it will work forever, but it was fun today.


Also, today we were talking about my friend Michelle's urban backyard chickens. I say that to emphasize that my children are not farm children, as they are urban backyard children.

I'd mentioned these chickens before, including the time period where Michelle was pretty convinced that one of the chicks was going to be a rooster.

"Did they have to get rid of the chicken that was weawwy a rooster?" Owen asks.

"No, actually that turned out to be a chicken - just an androgynous sort of chicken," I tell them.

"Does that mean boneless?" Lilly wonders.

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