Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Little Things

"Mom?  Have you read The Giver?"

Sam recently finished this classic and had mentioned that he liked it.

"Yeah, I've read it."

"There was a part that I didn't like and it's been bothering me."

"Yeah?" That's a weird thing about Sam. When I read books that were beyond my maturity level, I was all, La La La, I'm reading a book, they just said a thing - who knows what it means!

"It was the part where they gave that baby the shot," he says.

Oh.  Yeah.  That part. The baby murder. Not my favorite, either.  But probably he just thinks they gave the baby a shot. That's what I would have thought when I was his age. And I don't think they ever actually said, straight out, and "then they killed the baby."

Owen pipes in, "what did they do?"

"They gave a baby a shot that hurt," I answer quickly, wanting to manage the situation.

"They gave the baby a shot that KILLED it," Sam corrects.

Situation, managed!

Also, so Sam did catch that.

So now Owen is just all hand flappy, "what is happening?! Why with the baby killing?! I don't understand!!"

And Sam is all, "right? It was really upsetting and I can't stop thinking about it and why do you think that dad would give me a book like that to read?"

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