Thursday, March 11, 2010

I know I'm usually all stoic and junk, but . . .

Pregnancy is getting a LITTLE BIT OLD just about now. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’m not one of those ladies that glow whilst pregnant. I glower.

And apparently develop the superpower to slow the passage of time.

I mean, Christ on a cracker, I have SIX WEEKS LEFT.


Do you have any IDEA how long that is?

Infinity squared.

While the nausea has gone, and I feel fairly okay mentally (if you count extra-irritable and super-grumpy as okay), physically, this is getting uncomfortable. Distinctly uncomfortable. Sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean at least twice a day) I seriously feel that if I don’t lie down immediately I will simply fall down. This is not actually true, as often I am unable to lie down and still I manage not to make a scene, but it FEELS real.

See? And you thought I was a whiner! In fact, I’m totally stoic! I’m such a trooper.

And this weight thing? I’m really tired of it. The whole business. Since my decision to buckle down, I had been doing pretty well. I went about 5 weeks with no increase in weight gain. And then in the past five DAYS I’ve gain FOUR pounds.

That doesn’t seem right. So I googled it and apparently I’m going to die of preeclampsia. Sorry, guys.

Well, probably not. Probably it’s just got to do with eating an entire package of Girl Scout cookies in two days. I never have understood that. How you can gain more weight than the weight of the actual food?

I’ve also been monitoring my blood sugar and I got my first high reading. So for those reasons, I have to re-energize myself for the lower-carb diet.

Which is hard because I LOVE CARBS!

I am very much looking forward to having this baby. She will be cute. I will love her. But more importantly, I will no longer have a GIANT, DICTATORIAL, PARASITE IN MY ABDOMEN.

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