Sunday, May 23, 2010

My life is jam-packed with stuff you don't care about

Someone asked yesterday what it was like going from two to three children. I guess I hadn't really thought about that before. The truth is that this has been much easier than the transition from one to two. Man that was rough. That was way harder even than going from zero to one. Adding Lilly to the mix hasn't seemed that much different. To me, at least. Chris might disagree.

Things are busy, but not with anything interesting. My biggest controversy these days is the epic battle between my desire to eat every pastry in the world now that I'm no longer pregnant, and my desire to fit into my stupid BRIDESMAID DRESS. Funny, a week after I gave birth, well, a fat woman has never felt so thin. I lost weight rapidly after I gave birth (that is such weird phrasing, don't you think? Like, here baby, have some birth. Anybody else want birth while I'm giving it out?) and I was quickly down to my pre-pregnancy weight. There are just two problems with that.

1. I was fat before I got pregnant.
2. A surprising amount of fat is hanging out of my belly, where abdominal muscles have vacated the premises.

Oh, well. At least it's not like I'm going to be in any pictures or anything.

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