Monday, November 8, 2010

Word is spreading

So I got a visitor counter thing-a-jigger. It is interesting.

It tells me how many people look at my blog on a daily basis.

Interestingly, nobody visits here on Sundays.

What, are you all at church?

It also tells me where people visit from. Somebody visited from Japan once. But he only stayed for 2 seconds before he was like, "AH! Leaving!"

The counter thing-a-jigger didn't say that, I'm just assuming.

I have a lot of visits from someplace called "Cleveland." That's cool. I hear it's a hole, though.

I'm not great with "technology" or "programs," but it looks like somebody in Cincinnati reads my blog.

Hey there!

If it is true, and I have a reader to whom I am not directly related, I think that should freak them out.

I can SEEEEEEEE you!

Not really.

But that's a pretty shirt you have on.


  1. Ok, I admit, I am the Cincinnati person who reads your blog. It was an accident at first....I knew Amy Schmidt pretty well when she worked on CAPS and so we're Facebook friends. And I worked with you a little bit after Amy left. So one day, you commented on the same thing I commented on that Amy said and I said, hey, that's Beth, I kinda know her but I don't really know her so I'll click on her name to see her Facebook page. So then I saw that you had a blog and I thought hey, surely that's not creepy at all for me to read the blog of someone I sort of know but who doesn't have any idea I'm reading her blog. So I clicked on your blog and have read it religiously ever since. Because it is HILARIOUS. And it says all the things I think but can't actually say. I actually created a blank blog so I could add you to my list of blogs so I know when you update and so I can read it. Is that too creepy? Also, I promise I don't tell anyone about the work stuff you write about. Because it's HILARIOUS and I want to hear more. And it's the exact same stuff that happens here, just with slightly different characters. Wow, is that totally creepy yet or what?

  2. Kendra! I remember you! I liked you! But, wow, I'm going to get myself in trouble someday if I keep writing about work stuff. I love my job! Nobody here is crazy AT ALL.

  3. Hi Beth! I liked you too! It was sad when you went away--for many reasons. It's not your fault "those people" are crazy. Besides, I have plenty of crazies myself (and you know who they are!). And sure, I "love" my job too. Yeah. That's why I spend all sorts of time reading blogs of people I sort of know. :-) Also, I already promised not to tell! Besides, if you stop writing, what will I do during the day?