Monday, September 17, 2012

Horrifically awesome

Sam is out of school so I've got all three kids home with me today.  

Let's just say that, if I were to suddenly become a stay-at-home parent, it would take me a hot minute to get the hang of it.  

Lilly's wandering around with a poop in her pants, there are dishes and banana peels all over the place, and the boys are doing something quietly in their room, i.e., something I will have to yell about soon.  

It was a great day, mostly.  All weather should be like September.  We went out to breakfast, to the library and the Children's Museum.  So it was a lot of fun, but now I have a terrible headache, and I feel vaguely nauseous.

I had a list of things I wanted to do today, but I guess they are now filed under "Happen, Not Gonna."  

I did not pull out the fall wardrobes, I did not figure out dinner, I did not do arts and crafts with the kids and I did not give Lilly a bath even though I DID let her play in the sandbox for a REALLY long time.

Still, it was the kind of day that makes me sort of hope I get fired someday.  

Well, maybe laid off would be better? 

Anyway, I do wish I was one of those people who, money be damned, stayed with their kids until said children go off to school.  Unfortunately, I have no confidence in my home-making abilities in general, and my capacity for frugality in specific.  

By the way, I did take a break in there to go change Lilly's diaper.  I do have some standards, you know.  

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