Monday, September 17, 2012

I love Chris, regardless of the number of eyeballs he has

Also, let me be clear.  I am aware that I look horrific in hundreds, probably thousands, of photos.  But I think he looks surprisingly attractive, even with his teeny eyeballs, whereas I just look horrific just by dint of looking like myself.

Besides, he does clean up well:


  1. Hey, that good one is from my wedding!

  2. It is! How did you know? And also, look at you, commenting successfully and everything!

  3. He is a good looking kid...I just love how with his eyes closed he just looks like a really pleasant, probably stoned blind guy listening to music.

    1. I know! Like a really super guy who is lovin' life even through his disability. He has is other sense to make up for it!