Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I think I'll become a professional photographer

We use Picasa to sort and store our pictures on the computer.  They recently updated to include the option to sort by people.  It took a while to train it who was who (No, Lilly and Jessica J. are not the same person, nope), but now we have folders for each of our favorite people.

By the way, it turns out we have 29 favorite people.

It's also an interesting gauge of how much time we spend with each other.  Like, we REALLY need to hang out with Elise more.  

I thought it might show the decreasing attention we paid to our children, so I compared their numbers.  We have 1100 pictures of Sam, 800 pictures of Owen, and 600 pictures of Lilly.  So then I thought, "Oh, that's so funny that we have so many more pictures of our first."  But then I was like, "Well, wait, that's possibly a spurious correlation because Sam's been alive more years than Owen who has been alive more years than Lilly."  So at least there is no physical proof that we love any one of our children the most.

Anyhow, the one thing I did definitely learn was that all of our pictures are crap.

I apologize world.  I don't know why my kids have food on their faces an apparent 98% of the time.  You'd think I'd notice something like that.  Especially as I zoom in.

And if their faces happen to be clean, then the camera is out of focus, or the flash is too bright or MY GOD THAT ROOM IS A MESS.

Also, perhaps Chris is in the picture with them.

I mean, he is a good looking man, no?  It's a shame what happened to his left eye, though.


  1. You really need to stop doing stuff like that to me at work...coffee + laughing = painful nose + messy keyboard.

    The facial recognition thing is creepy good on Picasa. But my favorite is "Who looks like whom?" Eric and Dana look alike - no surprise there. But Our kids look like your kids. I never really thought of it that way, but I think it's Owie and Dana who get the most confusion from Picasa. Kind of neat.

    And Chris is just winking at you.."Yeah, I made these."

  2. I also had Mike's problem. Less coffee-out-the-nose and more uproarious-laughter-in-an- inappropriate-place.

    It's not seemly for me to be laughing so loud where the history department offices are! People will think I'm not serious... Thanks for another hysterical article, Beth. And you're right, we totally need to hang out more.

  3. I love that even your photo system thingy thinks Lilly should be mine. Maybe someday it will think that Blaise is you.