Sunday, June 30, 2013

A bunch of things that happened this weekend.

When I picked Owen up from school on Friday, he spend the car ride home singing, "I'm sassy and I know it."  I thought for a minute that he had heard a children's version of the classic, "I'm sexy and I know it," but, no, he said he heard daddy singing it.


The kids got squirt guns in a gift bag on Friday.  They have, heretofore, not been permitted to have guns.  But I had been wondering if we could loosen the restrictions for water guns.  It's really Chris's deal, and I think it's mostly because he wasn't allowed to have guns as a child and he'd be totally jealous if the kids got to play with guns.  Still, it just kind of seems like the thing to do.  Not as in the RIGHT thing to do, but as in, well, everyone else is wearing denim shorts so . . .

Either way, life has revolved around the squirt guns since Friday night.

They asked the babysitter if they could squirt her.  When she said no, because it was dinner time, Owen asked her, "Why?  Is it because those are the nicest clothes you own?"

It was kind of a nice dress.


At the Children's Museum Lilly was riding the little wooden horse, shouting at the top of her lungs, "YEE-HAW, RIDE A COWBOY."

No.  That's not how you . . . no.


I told the kids I would take them to the local sandwich and pastry shop after the Children's Museum.  The route I choose happened to take us right past our house.  Lilly thought we were heading home, and said, "MOM.  You're the worst mom in the world!"

I felt that that was uncalled for.  Even assuming I'd reneged on the cookies.  I mean, surely a mother out there has done worse.

I'm pretty sure she felt really bad when I explained and kept driving.


I took Owen to the first kindergarten meet and greet on Saturday.  I thought it would be a good way to meet some of the other kids who would be entering kindergarten with him.  Which was good in theory.  Except, do you want to know how many kindergartners showed up?  One.  His name was Owen.  Total cutie, though.

So it's just us and the lady that had organized the meeting.

It was so awkward.  

But the lady seemed okay.  I'd never met her before, but she had some decent school gossip.

She got Owen a coloring sheet so he wouldn't be bored while we talked.  That was nice of her.  The sheet asked him to draw his favorite toy.

At one point, she looked down and her face did a funny thing.

Owen had drawn a gun.

It was a really good drawing.

That made everything less awkward.

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