Thursday, October 3, 2013

My brain is not big enough

Guys!  SHUT UP!

The universe is vast and confusing.

Remember Mason?  Sam's little friend?  I wrote about it a while back?  It made me look stupid?

Well, Mason's mom emailed today.

Inviting Sam over for a play date.

I was all, type-y type-y type-y "Great!  I've been meaning to get in touch with you guys again now that school is underway.  Thanks again for taking Sam to the Lion King!  It's our turn to host, so let's have Mason . . . "


I've been thought this before.

Sam's little friend is NOT NAMED MASON.

But . . . but I have the email.

It says, "Hi from Mason's mom."

So . . . his name was Mason?  All along?

I sat and I thought for a while.

I compared and contrasted emails.

I've concluded that this is, in fact, a whole new little friend.

Mason's mom is clearly fucking with me.  Probably because she reads this blog.

Who doesn't, right?

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