Sunday, April 20, 2014


So I'm 8+ years into this parenting thing, and I still have days that make me wonder when I'm going to get smart about it.

Today was Easter.  A few weeks back, I went out and got a few toys and four types of candy.  I put the candy in little plastic eggs, and hid them in the backyard for the express purpose of having my children find and enjoy said eggs.

But when they found the eggs, they asked, "Can we eat the chocolate?"

And I was all, "No you can't eat chocolate.  That's a terrible idea.  You know you aren't allowed to eat candy.  You are going to be horrible little monsters if you eat candy.  Why would you think you could eat this candy that I just wrapped up and gave to you?"


It happens at Christmas, too.

Every Easter, every Christmas - basically every Jesus-centric holiday, I buy my kids a bunch of candy, give it to them, and am then taken aback when they want to consume the candy.

"No, no.  See, you just get to FIND the candy.  Now you give it back to me and I eat it."

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