Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lil' Lils

Lilly turned four this week.  There have been a few celebrations: a family one, a small school acknowledgment, and an EPIC Little Gym blow-out.  

Possibly just a regular Little Gym event.

But Lilly is just a little bit confused by the fact that each party has not resulted in another year of growth.  

"I'm FIVE now!"  

No, you just look five.  Perhaps six?

Seriously.  I don't know if you are aware, but she's a little tall for her age.

One of Lilly's favorite friends is at her party - she is a petite and charming little pixie of a girl.

Lilly could eat her for a snack.  

She has to bend down a little to talk to her.

We ran into one of Sam's friends at Target today (Marcus?  Mason?  Max?) and this kid's little sister was there.

"Is that Sam's sister?" she whispers to her dad in that way that kids whisper which is quite as loud as regular talking.

Lilly ignores her.

But this little girl is not to be dissuaded, and she walks up to Lilly.  "How old are you?"

"I'm four," says Lilly.  

I'm thinking we might be okay here, because she is only half a head shorter than her. 

"Well I'm FIVE, so I'm a WHOLE year older than you."

Her dad chimes in, "Oh, probably not a WHOLE year."

I would say that it's probably a whole year.

They ran off to look at the toys together, but it wasn't long before Lilly found me in the aisle and said, "Mom?  I'm done spending time with that girl."

And ain't that the truth.  

For some reason, I hadn't understood that I wouldn't know anybody at Lilly's party.  A few relatives showed up and thank god for that.  

Happy Birthday to Lilly!

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