Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lost and found

I was puttering around straightening up last night, as Lilly trailed after me.  She's kind of like a radio, in that she never stops making noise and is unconcerned if I actually response.

She told me stories about school, and about how much she loves to wear tights and that that is okay because it is her body, and how beautiful I am, though, actually, could I please cut my hair because she is finding it distracting.

At one point she stops, leans over, and looks at something on the couch.

"Mom?  Look, there is an eyeball on the couch!"

"Really?" I say, while paying almost no attention.

"Yeah!  A tiny little eyeball.  Where do you think it came from?"

"Not sure, babe."

"Do you think it's Josie's?"

What?  Ew!  No, I do not think her three month old cousin's eyeball fell out and somehow made its way to our couch.

"Probably not, Lilly.  Thomas and Jessica would have been asking around for it."

"You should call them."

I'm on it.


  1. Hey Beth, I'd love to talk more about your pica post since I'm working on a TV doc series about childbirth stories. You can reach me through the website if you click on my name.

  2. I thought Josie looked different...