Tuesday, January 6, 2015


We recently go back from Florida.  It was a great vacation.  Sun, and sand, and beach, and hardly any group illness.

But Florida is a long way away.  Chris did almost all of the driving, barring my one ill-advised turn at the wheel marked primarily by my irrational fury regarding Chris's inability to read a map.  

Anyway! I had the opportunity to observe Chris's driving habits a lot on this trip.  You know, his preferences, predilections and proclivities.  And I know now that Chris has one thing he would like to say to the drivers of the world:  


I know that because he actually said it.  To all the drivers.  Each and every one of them.  

All of you.  Get over.  Now.  Move.  Go.  Git.  

If you can't go faster than the cars in the right lane, then get in the right lane.  

If you can't move fast, period, get over.  

In fact . . . you know what?  Just get in the right lane.  You can't handle the left lane.  

There is one guy who can handle the left lane, and he has two thumbs and is named Chris H.  But not all you other Chris H's.  Just this one.  Chris H.with an Agesfeld can coast from Florida, through Georgia, both Carolinas, all the Virginias, and straight up through Ohio, in the left lane and the rest of you can kiss his sweet ass, right before you get over into the right lane, where you belong.

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  1. No, it's reserved for all the H to the A to the gesfelds. Or at least three of us :) Because we ALLLLLLLL tell the rest of the dang world. Does he call them sweetheart, too?