Friday, March 21, 2014

Bathroom Breaks

I'm not sure if all of America is aware the Hagesfeld Struggles to Actually Flush the Toilet, or just the eastern half, but, yes, somebody (ies) around here doesn't know how to wipe, flush, and wash hands on an entirely regular basis.

So I printed out all these clip art images of toilets being flushed, and hands being washed.  No pictures of wiping.  This is a family-friendly establishment and that just seemed a bit graphic.

I taped these images all around the bathroom, so that you could not possibly manage to not see a reminder of appropriate bathroom hygiene.

When the kids got home it was all, "Ooooooooh!  Something NEW!  How FASCINATING!"

'All the better,' I though.  Children are like zoo creatures, and I just changed their habitat in a new and stimulating way.

About five minutes later:

"MOM!  I wiped my penis!"

I know what you are thinking right now.  You are thinking, 'well, that's progress.'


"Great job, Lilly, but, as we've previously discussed, you don't have penis."

"Oh, right.  HAHA.  Well, anyway, my penis is clean now."

"Super.  Don't forget to flush and wash your hands."

From the boys?  The actual culprits?

(And, yes, I believe it is my male children who are doing this to me because 1) they are boys and 2) boys are gross and 3) I'm also mad at them for peeing all over everything.)

From the boys I've gotten nothing but a bunch of questions about the pictures.

How did I hang them up?

Where did I get them?

Who's hand is that flushing the toilet?

Why is that a picture of a kid flushing the toilet, but the picture of the hands being washed are grown-ups hands?


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