Sunday, March 2, 2014

Babies and things

I am just on pins and needles waiting for my newest niece!

I asked Chris if he ever had any regrets, vasectomy-speaking.

"No.  Absolutely not.  Not at all.  No.  Never."

I think it's probably painful for him, this longing for another baby, so he has to stuff those feelings deep inside.

"When I think of what Thomas and Jessica are about to go through, I get nauseous."

Deep, deep, inside.

It's funny how your perspective changes as your kids grow up.  I remember being with Sam at the Children's Museum when he was probably 18 months old.  Somebody had their older child with them - probably a 7 year old - and I was APPALLED.  It was like this kid was some kind of hulking monster.  Now I have a hulking monster, and I'm like, "well, yeah, but what are you gonna do?  It's not like you can trade them in."

It's a bait-and-switch, this "having children" thing.  I signed on for babies, but really they are like gremlins.  Or tribbles.  Or something that is cute but will, faster than you can imagine, be rolling his eyes at you, mumbling, "I knew this was going to be an awful Sunday" because you had the gall to propose a trip to Costco.

Even though I think Uncle Mike might agree that Costco makes for an awful Sunday.

The thing is, after you've dragged three kids through Costco on a Sunday, your regular life seems awesome in comparison.  You are never so grateful to be at home than after that particular torture.

Speaking of trading-in, the brakes on our car just went out.

Hey, I have an idea, Devices-That-Help-Me-Live, how about, instead of breaking, you try NOT-breaking!  I know it's a novel, outside-the-box, suggestion, but I just thought I'd kind of throw it out there and see what sticks, you know?

Still, I will admit I have a damn good support system.  After I published my last list of things that broke, many of those items miraculously appeared.

My Mom and Dad sent over a mattress pad, which I very graciously accepted.

Michael brought me a new hair dryer, which turns out to have been enormously valuable in this winter that will not end - and spending freeze that cannot thaw because of All The Expensive Fixing.  

So, things could be worse.

It could be US having a baby any day now.

Not because babies aren't awesome, but because then Chris would be throwing up and I'd have to live through another 13-year-old.

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  1. I have managed to live through several Costco weekend trips. They have become more bearable, especially in winter months when they are "ways to get out of the house." Plus, my kids still think of it as "cool place where they give you free food" so it passes as a "fun time" experience.

    Glad the dryer is working out...Costco has a set of bowls on sale this month too, if you want puke bowl replacements.