Tuesday, July 7, 2009

State Farm, like the undead, harshes my mellow

A lot of you have asked for details of the crappy meeting I mentioned in the last post. Actually, that's not true. Nobody has asked me about my crappy meeting. Thanks, guys. I love you to.

Well, because I feel like talking about it anyway, here it is.

We've got this State Farm insurance agent and she figured out at some point that we did not yet have life insurance, and boy it was like spilling fresh blood in front of a vampire. And like a vampire, I think you have to tear her apart and burn the pieces to keep her from coming back.

Chris did end up buying life insurance from her a few months ago and it was frustrating, but in the end, hey, we did need it, right? We're responsible adults, now. We should do things like get life insurance. So that's cool. We'll give her a pass on how freakin' irritating she was.

But then she got the idea to sell me the life insurance, too. And ever since that happened she's become my own personal person-in-the-mall-kiosk-trying-to-sell-you-spa-scrub. She calls me at home, on the cell, at work. And when I tell her I need to think about it, she gives me a week, or a day, and then calls again. She was relentless. She was like the terminator. Like a vampire terminator.

And then she calls and says, "We need to schedule your annual insurance review!" and while I find that irritating for it's own separate reason, I agreed. And I'm making this sound easier than it was. Initially, I resisted. The day I finally scheduled my insurance meeting, I logged TEN phone calls from them. Who calls you ten times in one day? SOMEONE YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK TO. Someone who is UNDEAD.

Vampires are ALWAYS going over their minutes.

So I go in for my meeting and my actual insurance lady isn't even there, I'm supposed to meet with this random guy. And this is not, it turns out, any kind of annual insurance meeting, unless by "annual insurance meeting" you mean, "meeting to hard sell life insurance." It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. That this guy was actually FILLING OUT MY APPLICATION FOR ME, while I watched, instead of, you know, having the dignity to ask me if I WANTED IT.

Did I let him? Yes. And that's what made it crappy. Every time I fall for a hard sell I feel awful. I KNOW the psychology here. I should know better. I should be a grown-up. And I hate them for it. I hate the smarmy, pushy, BLOOD-SUCKERS who do this to people. And I hate myself for LETTING them. That's a lot of hate, dude.

The thing about this experience is that it is hard for me to separate how I feel about the WAY it happened from how I feel about the actual purchase. I think I probably SHOULD have life insurance. And left on my own to mull it over for a few months, I'm pretty sure I would have come to the decision to purchase. And then they would have gotten my business, and I would have felt like I made an adult decision. Instead, I feel like I have life insurance with people who probably aren't even really alive. Who feed, in the night, off of LIFE (insurance policies).

So I don't feel good about how it went down, but I guess it is good that I have it, right?

NOTE - yeah I did just finish Twilight, what about it?
ANOTHER NOTE - If I die within the next month, my bad! State Farm totally rocks!

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  1. Beth, I have yet to get through the first paragraph of one of your blogs without laughing out loud. And I don't stop laughing until bedtime. You're really good at this! See you next week.