Saturday, July 17, 2010

So I'm watching Chris scrummage around in our chest-of-many-labelled-drawers. He goes into the drawer marked "trains" which is supposed to house our loose cash, and because we never have any cash, other precious items (you can't label a drawer "money" because of burglars, also, it would be a lying label 99% of the time). He removes an envelope from the drawer and walks to the trash can.

"Hey, hey, HEY!" I shout, in an attempt to get his attention before he drops the envelope.

Finally, he turns toward me, "WHAT?!"

"What is that?" I ask

"It's an EMPTY ENVELOPE," he says, with much derision.

Leaving aside why he feels the need to remove a perfectly good envelope from a drawer and throw it away when there are like 18 empty packets of fruit snacks lying around, I say, "Oh. Okay. It's just that it looks like the envelope of Owen first haircut, labelled, 'Owen's first haircut.'"

Chris looks again. Then carries it back to the drawer.

"Well it shouldn't be in there anyway."


  1. That does totally sound like Chris, but I have 2 questions. First, what would be in said envelope, hair? Are you supposed to keep that, is it like stem cells in there. And second, when nobody comments on your posts do you feel that you are talking to yourself. And if you do, do you still feel okay about it, because I enjoy talking to myself sometimes. Nobody quite gets me like I do.

  2. 1) Yes, it was an envelope of hair. Maybe not as useful to save as cord blood, but cheaper.
    2) Yes, I totally feel like I am talking to myself, which is why I feel no pressure to write regular posts. But I like writing them, because, you are right, I always agree with me and I totally make myself laugh.

  3. Oh man, I TOTALLY make myself laugh. Gosh, I'm so funny.

    Sometimes I'm like, that joke I just told in my head was so great I wish I could tell it to someone. And then I'm like, how would that go? And then I'm like, nope, that wouldn't work in real life, good thing I thought it was funny.

    ALSO, if I were a robber and there was a drawer labeled 'trains', that is sure to be the FIRST one I would open. I would be like, huh, cool, interesting, what kind of trains? They have a whole train-dedicated drawer, and not the kind of train that would be with the toys?

  4. Well if you're so smart, you come up with a name for what to mark the drawer of no money. It's harder than you think. Can't label it "No money here"

    Sometimes, when I'm walking to my car from work (it's a ways) I tell myself funny stories. And laugh. I must look totally crazy.