Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God. Finally.

I knew I'd do something embarrassing eventually.

As an aside, do you remember how I mentioned that the bathrooms are FAAAAAAR away from my office?

Well, I found out that there is a short cut.

But you have to go through another group's suite. You can walk the long way, through public hallways, or the short way, through another suite.

I tried walking the short way for a few days, but it made me so ANXIOUS. I was worried that those people were like, "Uh, who does that girl think she is? Just WALTZING through here. Nice girls don't even USE the bathroom."

So I just gave up and now I'm back to walking the long way. I use the time to think about what a freakin' wuss I am.

Which is all just to say that CLEARLY I care about what people think of me.

Have you ever been alone and wanted to do something embarrassing, but realized that your alone-ness could totally be a temporary thing, but decided to take the gamble and gone ahead and done that embarrassing thing?

I have!

The thing is, earlier today I pulled a muscle in my back looking at pictures on Facebook. And I'm in the bathroom and I decide to lean over to [try to] touch my toes. My pilates instructor has shown me a stretch that opens up the small of my back, which, by the way, I thought was total bullshit at the time, but has been very enjoyable.

So I'm stretching and thinking that I would look pretty weird if anyone decided to come in. But I think to myself, "what are the chances someone will come in in the next few minutes?" Which was an ABSURD thing to think because this one bathroom services all 50 or so women on this floor, and ladies sure do use it a lot, so I've almost never seen it empty. It was a RIDICULOUS thought on my part, that was quickly answered by the sound of the door opening.

So I fling myself upright, but all the blood that was collecting in my head-ball-area now has to rush quickly down, which renders me light-headed, so I stagger to the side and crash into the mirror.

I lurch quickly to the sink to pretend I'm just washing my hands with zeal.

But I'm pretty sure that lady was looking at me funny.

I think she was from the suite I used to walk through.

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