Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not to worry, I'm still largely invisable

I went out with a friend of my recently.

Do you like how I said that all casual, as if, oh, yeah, just me going out with my friends again. Do it all the time. Getting a little boring, you know. All these friends and going's out's.

Anyway, this is my friend who is an excellent hand-washer and is the kind of woman who would actually scream or something if she were being followed by a weird guy, whereas I would NEVER make such a scene.

Which is to say that she is good at paying attention to her safety.

Being around her makes me think of all the dangerous things I do, like leaving windows open at night and writing a public blog using our real names.

So I did a google search of my name. Not to fear, people! Somebody would have to search "crazy AND baby AND chris AND falling AND grumpy AND pregnant" in order to find this blog. So I don't think anyone is going to come across it unless they already know about it, in which case they probably already know us and the fact that we have a perfectly good baby for selling.

You know what does come up when you search my name?

1) the fact that I am on Facebook
2) Kim Hodgkiss's financial records (DUDE! That's not even me!)
3) all the Facebook groups I'm in
4) the fact that I signed a petition on-line once and had the poor judgement to use my real name

What is this petition, you ask? Must be important, right? Using my real name and all. We recently had a hugely important election. It was probably in support of Barack Obama or gay marriage or something.


It was the petition to keep the American version of the children's television show, Hi-5, on the air. "Keep American Hi-5 Alive!" it's called.


Why did I DO that?

Plus, I think it totally sounds xenophobic. Like, "Let's keep Hi-5 for Americans! I'm tired of those immigrant Hi-5's!" When really, I just liked the show. I'm sure the Australian version is lovely, but it's not on my TV and was not being cancelled.

So that's it. That's my internet footprint.

My contribution to society is INVALUABLE.


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  2. YACK. Stop googling me, people! How many embarassing things have I done that are now forever archived on the internet?!

    I forgot that Beth Hagesfeld was only invented a few years ago. But I have done SOME stuff since I got married, you know.