Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shut Up.

Sam's teacher asked to "talk" to me "for a few minutes" when I was picking the boys up today.

I don't know for sure what my face looked like, but I hope it didn't reflect my strong urge to punch her in the face and run away before she could say some BULLSHIT about MY WONDERFUL SON.

I didn't even know which kid she was talking about yet.  And it was hard for me to start formulating my argument about how WRONG she was since I didn't know what the problem was yet.

So apparently Sam is struggling to handle his frustration in a productive manner at school.

I know!  That's some kind of WRONG BULLCRAP, am I right?  No?  I'm not right?  She's right?  Well.  Whatever.

I still don't want to see her stupid not-knowing-my-kid face talking about my kid like she KNOWS him.

It is almost physically painful to listen to someone who doesn't love your child talk about said child's faults.  Especially without bopping them in the face.

Full disclosure though, Sam can be really irritating.

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