Friday, September 25, 2009

I didn't really mean it for real

The day I wrote the post asking somebody to shoot me in the face, I saw this Oprah where this lady's husband did, in fact, shoot her in the face and I take it back. I don't think that improved her life at all. And then she had to have this face transplant and everybody was all excited about the first successful face transplant and I was watching and thinking that that technology has yet to be refined. I am a hideous puffy beast with beady eyes and bad skin, and yet I don't think the face transplant industry has anything better to offer. Maybe someday. And then Angelina Jolie will die and I will get her face. Because I think that Angelina is an organ donation kind of girl, don't you? That would be pretty sweet to have Angelina Jolie's corneas. Well, I guess if you needed new corneas, anybody's corneas would be sweet.

Visited a new doctor this week. She prescribed me some medications to take to help the nausea and that is making my life significantly more bearable. Fortunately that happened the day after my parents took all my laundry to their house to clean and fold it. I'm sorry they had to rent a truck, but I'm grateful. Of course, now that they have my dirty laundry and have not yet returned the clean laundry I'm dressing for work in things from the very back of my closet. Tomorrow I'm going to break out my wedding dress.

So I'm feeling better, and that's good. And I'm getting all my laundry cleaned for me, and that's good. Things are looking up around here!

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