Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There have been some rumblings recently. That maybe this blog has become a little pathetic . . . “whiny,” even.

There seems to be some suggestion that maybe this used to be about the kids, and world events, and now it’s all Me, Me, Me.

I’M dying.”

“Call ME an ambulance.”

“Could somebody please shoot ME in the face?”

I’m sure you are all thinking, boy, she used to be funnier before she got pregnant.

Well you know what?

You were funnier before I got pregnant, too.


  1. Sam was in yesterday's--and you made me laugh.
    What's the problem?

  2. You are still funny, but it's definitely sad. I mention it in my postcard! you have the most depressing pregnancies, you've certainly never made it look easy.

    All these australian germs are getting me, I've gotten like three minor illnesses since I got here. Didn't you get sick a lot being here? You've always been kinda sickly. Wait, is that insulting? Hmm, yeah, I bet it is. Sorry. I mean in a good way?

  3. Yeah I don't think being called sickly can be good unless you were dead before that.

  4. Also Beth, I am fairly impressed that you keep up with the blog with all that you have to do and the way you are feeling. Thanks and keep up the good work.