Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Small accomplishments

I made the most perfect check mark the other day. I do a lot of assessments so I make a lot of check marks and my check marks, like my handwriting, are big and weird. But the forces of the cosmos came together and I made a check mark so beautiful it could be used as the font for check marks. This is the check mark against which all other check marks should be compared. I should take a picture and make it my new facebook profile picture. It was so pretty I got distracted from the task at hand. This was the first in a series of 70-odd check marks I have to make and I was trying really hard to duplicate my perfect check mark but, alas, that check mark stands alone in my history. Also, the kid was kind of dumb so instead of check marks I had to make a lot of x's. No perfect x's either.

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