Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fire-y passion of a thousand suns

I don't have a lot of anger.  I don't think I'm repressing it.  I think I'm just too busy with guilt and fear and regret and embarrassment.

But holy crap do I want to kill people who are turning left in front of me.  Without a turn signal.  Where there are two optional lanes.  And I chose this lane.  After carefully verifying no turn signal.  Then the light changes, and the car in front of me doesn't go, but scoots a little and, "oh, hey, I should go ahead and turn on my turn signal.  I mean, I wasn't turning before, I was waiting at a light, so obvi I wouldn't have my turn signal on at that point."

And there I am.  Sitting.  As all the people in the right lane go WHIZZING past.

You are soooooo lucky I can't cause people pain with my brain powers because MAN would you have a hell of a UTI.    

That burning you feel?  It is like the burning I feel as I sit through an entire light waiting for you to turn instead of being somewhere on time.

But I would probably regret it later.

1 comment:

  1. Smells like the bottom of Cedar Hill, am I right?