Friday, August 3, 2012

Little pitchers and all that

The teacher approached me as I picked up the boys today.  She asked, quietly, if Chris was alright.

She said the boys had told her that Chris had had a seizure.

It's funny, because, if you had asked me (and some of you did) I would have said that the boys didn't really seem to be registering what was going on.  They didn't seem bothered, and they weren't talking about it.  Probably because, unlike Lilly, they didn't see it happen.

Poor Lilly.  Walking around all, "My Daddy is, alright?"  "My Daddy, had a seizure?"  "My Daddy, fell down?"

But even she has been talking about it less, so I was surprised that the boys had brought it up at school.

"Yeah," the teacher says, "they were saying that he can't drive for a while and that was upsetting . . ."

Awwww.  Poor boys.  They are so much more aware than I knew.

". . . because now they can't ride in the van with the DVD player."

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