Friday, August 3, 2012

In good times and in bad . . .

A couple of weeks ago Chris and the kids and I all went to a casual outdoor party.  It was nice.  Ish.  We didn't know many people there and while they all seemed nice, they also all seemed like they all knew each other and we still felt awkward.

So we're sitting around, trying our best to make conversation, because we're grown-ups and all that.  The boys are standing around looking suspicious, but Chris and I are trying to look approachable.

We do manage to get involved in a conversation.  I don't remember exactly.  Probably about kids or babies or something.  That's really all we talk about.

And I was saying something and I drooled on myself.  Hardcore.  A big, giant drool.  But, you know, I wiped it off all casual and I thought to myself, "Yeah, probably no one noticed that."

But when we were walking home though, Chris turned to me and said, "Yeah, so you drooled on yourself a little back there.  What happened?  It looked like you were having a stroke or something."

Thank god I know I can count on him to be honest with me.  And to laugh at me when everyone else was politely ignoring me.

Sweet retribution though, because Chris had a seizure this past weekend.

Let me tell you, that's a lot more noteworthy than drooling.  In fact, it INCLUDES drooling.  

He's okay now.  But believe me, first thing driving home, I was like, "Yeah, so you had a seizure a little bit back there."


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  2. this is one of my favorite blog posts ever--shows how well you guys pulled together during a rough time. even if pulling together means mocking each other.

  3. You really do make me laugh!! I'm glad he's ok, and that you have recovered from drooling on yourself.