Monday, August 27, 2012

At least I don't have to worry about tigers

Somebody I used to know texted me recently.  And while it was a pleasant text, it stirred up all kinds of memories and feelings of hurt and pain and misunderstandings and really kind of unpleasant things.

Also, boy it is not fun being solely responsible for all errands that require driving.

And work?  My tenuous position there as line leader?  Which gives me a million problems but precious few tools with which to solve them?


I try not to get too caught up.  Too engulfed in negativity.  Be grateful for what I have and focus on the important things in life.

But work FEELS important.  My relationships with other people FEEL important.  Sitting on my butt FEELS awesome.

So here's what I do.

I picture an early homosapien.  (Spell-check just tried to correct that to homophobia.  Context, man.  This is not that blog post!)  This homosapien is striding across a hot and dusty landscape.  Worried about a tiger, or something.  And I think, that person probably thought that tiger was a big deal.  Probably really, really cared about that tiger.  But now, a million years (5 million years?  5000 years?  A lot of years.  I don't understand much about evolution and that THAT'S NOT THE POINT EITHER) later, nobody cares.  Nobody even knows.  That person got eaten by that tiger.  Or didn't.  It was all so inconsequential in the larger scheme of things.

I pull back my focus, and realize, so is all of my crap.  In a million years, nobody will care.

So I might as well chill out.



    Or was it Kimbra? I'm not really sure what's going on in that song.

  2. I totally just went through my texts to you. Ear infection detectors, driving Chris, Sam's illness. Hopefully I'm in the clear.

  3. Ahahaha. You guys slay me. Kristi, I don't really think of you as "someone I used to know." But I did totally think of Gotye (thanks for the spelling. I'm going to assume you are correct) as I wrote those words. Look, they were just the most accurate option.

  4. Haha, actually, I spent some not-insignificant amount of time trying to google him once, and I didn't remember any of the words to the song, or really any details all except that his name was 'Goethe', or something, but it's really hard to find 'Gotye' from 'Goethe', because, you know, there IS someone named Goethe.