Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A few random things together make a blog post

The boys are very much enjoying being back together in the mornings.  Now that Owen and Sam are going to school together, they have ample time to talk about their penises.


The other day, Owen said, "Mom? I want to tell you something, but please don't tell Hoppa and Homma."

"What's up, Owen?"

"After Kim and Kristi's we went out to ICE CREAM!"

I'm not really understanding why I can't tell Hoppa and Homma that."

"It's just that they would be really jealous."

Here's the thing, Owen.  Hoppa and Homma are in Europe right now.  So I think they're going to be okay.


This morning, Sam and I were downstairs.  Owen was upstairs, making some funny noises.

Sam, poster-child of tolerance, understanding and respectfulness, shouts, "OWEN.  Are you seriously CRYING right now?!"

And Owen, with complete confidence in his place in this world and a touch of sass, says, "I'm BATTLE-crying."

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