Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mood rings

I follow two blogs.  Only two.  Used to be three but then she decided to make it private and you had to ask for the password and 1) I just felt really weird asking a person I'd never met for the password to her private blog and 2) what the hell is the point of a private online blog?  Like, a diary for you and your 10 best friends?  Dude, that's just a mass email.  That you make people enter a password to get.  

Lucky for you all, I have no hoops to jump through.  Except finding it in the first place.  SERIOUSLY could someone send me a link to my own blog?  Because I don't know the address here.  Currently, every time I post I have to go to facebook and scroll back on my timeline until I found the one time I posted the link there.  

But whatever works.

So, anyway, I follow two blogs.  I was checking one of them today and apparently she had just done a sponsored post and apparently there was a big blogger brouhaha because the sponsor was in a patent fight with a mom blogger over her domain name.  

I don't know.  Something like that.  Point is that people got RILED something fierce and she wrote an apology post.  

And for, like, 3 hours since then I've been walking around with this vague feeling of Something Is Horribly Wrong.  And then I have to identify the source of the feeling and then I'm all, "Oh, yeah, the weird bloggy fight.  That's not actually horrible!  Sweet!"  

Which is super because most of the time when I have that feeling and I try to remember the source it's like, "oh, yeah, that's right, our furnace blew up and we need $10,000 to replace it" or, "Shit I think Kristi is mad at me and now I have to go grovel."  

I think the blog controversy hit the same spot in my brain because I really just don't like fighting and confrontation.  But realizing that nothing horrible is actually happening is great!  Like when you wake up from dreams where your kid died or you forgot to wear clothes to work and get to think, "Oh thank God.  I still get to hug my kids and remember to wear clothes to work."

The flip side of that is when you have a warm fuzzy, Something Is Wonderful! feeling that turns out to be pretty irrelevant.  Like that day when a co-work came by and asked whether I'd walk out on my job for a million dollars (with only 5 minutes to decide and all the real life ramifications) and I spent the rest of the day figuring out what I was going to do with my million dollars.  

Or maybe that's just me.

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