Friday, May 16, 2014

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I wouldn't say that I'm a selfish person, exactly.

I just like to have my things.

It is why I don't like to travel.  I like to have all my things.  All the things I like.  All my things that are just exactly right.  My pillow, my can opener, my remote control.

(i.e., sleep, eat, read)

Packing, for me, is an exercise in hysterical stuffing of All The Things.

Kids, of course, make that all worse.  You have to imagine not just all the possible scenarios that you might encounter, but also every possible thing that could ever happen to anybody.

That's a lot of things.

Anyway, traveling and packing isn't even the point today.

The point is, I like my things.  I like to have my things.  I have all my important things - my nail clippers, my chap stick, my allergy pills - right nearby.  Easy access.

My bedside table, for example, could provide necessarily life-sustaining tools for years after an apocalyptic event.

When the zombies come, and you have to make a run for it, just grab my bedside table.  You will be so good to go.

You will have items such as (but not limited to):

  • ibuprofen
  • multivitamins
  • allergy pills
  • nasal decongestants
  • antibiotic ointment
  • band aids
  • snacks
  • nail clippers
  • scissors
  • nail polish
  • notebooks
  • pens
  • a hair brush
  • lotion (s) (including exema lotion, face lotion, foot lotion, and body lotion)
  • chap stick
  • a number of CDs
  • random unlabeled pills
  • old receipts
  • various wires
  • hydrocortisone cream
  • bottle of water

But here's the thing:  I told you that you could grab my beside table in the event of zombies or some other world-altering / endangering event.

Other than that, please get off my bedside table.

It is MY well-stocked cupboard of comfort.

So please don't come to my organizational oasis and snatch my nail clippers (Chris).   Stop consuming my pills and rubbing with my lotions (Chris).  If you would like to have this treasure trove of tools, you may assemble your own (Chris).  I highly recommend it.

I'm making fun of Chris here, because he's a significant abuser of my hoarding efforts, but the thing that really gets me?  Like nails on a chalkboard?

The kids drinking from my water bottle.

Is it so much to ask that the water bottle be mine alone?  They treat it like the family water fountain.  Like a rest stop refresher as they go about their days.

They all have their own water bottles, of course.  As well as clean running water and numerous available receptacles.

But I have seen the kids walk up stairs, past two sinks, and come in to my room and guzzle my water.

Do you know how many DISEASES these kids have?!

It's a lot.

But we're a family, and what's mine is theirs, and what's theirs used to be mine.

My water bottle sings a siren song.  My niece came over the other day.  Drawn like a lodestone, she grabbed and chugged from the communal water bottle.

Please understand that I do, in fact, wash and replace this bottle on a regular basis.

It's just that I didn't know that becoming a mom meant never having only your lips on your cup.

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