Saturday, May 31, 2014

With a Cherry on Top

We were eating dinner, and Owen was telling a story.

He is a dear and sweet child, but this was a long and involved story and it's possible that Chris and I started to have a side conversation about deck paint options, which is interesting and salient.

"Mom and Dad?"  Lilly says, "you are interrupting Owen.  Please be respectful."

So we listened to the story.

Apparently, on field day at school, they only delivered 18 popsicles to his classroom of 19 children.  Owen was the last kid in line, and, boom, no more popsicles.

"So I went downstairs to the cooler and I didn't even look, I just picked one out.  And do you what color it was?!"

Bated breath, here, Owen.



"All the other kids were jealous, but I think it is fair because I had to wait the longest."

It was an epic tale, but that is the gist.  Then, it was Lilly's turn.

"One day, at school, my teacher Tessa brought in POPSICLES!"

I think I know where this is going.

"And I didn't get one, so I went upstairs, and I closed my eyes and I grabbed one from the cooler, and guess what color it was!"


"RAINBOW!! . . .  With a cherry on top!"

"Wiwwy."  Owen says, "I do not think that was a real story."

I have to agree.

Owen explains, "For one thing, Horizon doesn't HAVE an upstairs."

Oh, BOOM, that's a good one, Owen!

"And for another thing, who would ever put a cherry on top of a Popsicle?"

Sherlock Holmes here.

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